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Stillwaters Run Deep

Brenton returned back to New Jersey from Utah for Father’s Day Weekend. Needless to say the MKFF East Team met the West Team and we all went Fly Fishing. As previously discussed, Bass fishing is so hot right now. Largemouth Bass are killing Poppers on the farm ponds, while Smallmouth Bass love the Wooly Bugger out in the Paulinskill. This trend continued unabated through the weekend, with a slight downturn in Smallmouth catch count towards the end of the weekend. Check out the gallery and enjoy!

Back Down South

Hopefully the same Kings of Leon song is going through your head as mine while I departed on this journey last Friday after work.  Last summer and this spring I had spent some time fishing in Southern Utah and the opportunity came knocking for another trip so therefore it happened.

We arrived at camp after dark the first night so it was nice to have previously been in the area to have an idea of where to set up camp.  The following morning after a couple mile hike this was the scene.

10,000 feet
These were the fish
Clean release with a midge in the back

After catching more fish then we could count and discovering both of our waders were leaking which is a little chilly this time of year we decided to warm the blood and hike to another lake.

Still cold here

The original plan was to spend another night at 10,000 feet, but we kinda didn’t want to freeze through another night so we took off to a lower elevation.  After taking some real good beer drinking roads we arrived at night two’s camp well after dark again.  This place however was new to me so we had to spend some time on figuring out a spot to camp.

We awoke to this
We fished for these
Lots of wild trout on hoppers
The definition of pocket water

After catching more fish then you could shake a stick at we thought the only topper to this trip would be catching a hog.

So we went here
We caught this
and another one of these!?!
And a couple of hogs on streamers

Then we went home, but it was a three day weekend for me so I grabbed the dogs and went out for another day.

Tala fell off this rock ledge in the background, but was obviously unscathed.
I was fishing this hole until these guys showed up
The kids let me catch some fish, but I'd have to shoo Bandit out of the water when I was trying to land the fish because he kept on chasing them down in the river
After a while they become good fishin' dogs
Until next trip...

Another day on the River

After having a little bit to much to drink in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, the alarm startled me awake a little early Sunday morning for another fishing day trip.  By the time we arrived at the river, the sun was already shining high with not a cloud in the sky.  However, we saw a Brown Trout chasing a chub right away so we thought streamer fishing might still be hot. However, this was not the case.

Evan trying to figure out what the fish were eating

Eventually, the fishing turned on or we started to figure the stream out, but we began pulling them up on Caddis, Hare’s ears, micro Mayflies, and Juju betas nymphs.

One caught on the micro may
Man and his pup
Another reason to believe the streamer fishing should have been better

After several miles of hiking and countless hours of fishing, pulling up Browns, Rainbows, Cutthroat, Tiger Trout, and quite a few chubs the sun began to tuck below the mountains and it was time to rip some Streamers.  With all the chubs in the water, I thought a white Peanut Envy would do the trick.

Notice not only did this trout eat my streamer, but it already had a chub for dinner
Tuckered out pooch enjoying the days last rays
Evan with the fish of the day, at the end of the day