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Moose Knuckle Fly Fishing is a project created by a group of friends to contemplate life through the lens of a fly fisherman. Conceived by a team of New Jersey natives in an attempt to showcase the more creative aspects of outdoor recreation, this is their story.

col_right_calloutThe blog is dedicated to Fly Fishing and outdoor recreation. We hope to connect with everyone who is passionate about fly fishing, fishing, creative writing and photography in America’s great outdoors. We feature fishing blogs focused on the fly, trout, hard water and to a limited extent other pastimes.

Occasionally we feature “weekend warrior” blogs about riding motorcycles, snowmobiling, snowboarding and firearms. All of our content is designed to promote the active outdoor lifestyle of the Moose Knuckle brand.

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Christopher Kuhn

As a corporate finance director, former Mayor of Frelinghuysen Township,  TCNJ Alumni and MBA Alumni of Montclair State, Chris brings the financial and business sense to the team. His first foray into Fly Fishing was back in 2007 out on Dauphin Creek, a small trout stream north of Harrisburg, PA. Moving forward Chris has dedicated the majority of available vacation time to prospecting trout in northwestern New Jersey, the Catskills, New England and Utah with his brother.

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Brenton Kuhn

Originally known more for his abilities on a snowboard Brenton, a University of Utah Alumni and former New Jersey native has crossed into the world of Fly Fishing. Currently guiding Fly Fishing for Trout Bum 2 in Park City, Utah; he prospects the Blue Ribbon Trout waters of the Inter-mountain west. This environment is not lost on his fellow bloggers; often envious of the lips this guy rips. Living in the heart of the outdoor recreation world Brenton keeps the team updated and in touch with the latest and greatest in the Fly Fishing scene.

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Zach Boynton

Current SCCC student and Newton Hospital employee Zach an amazing bass fisherman has converted to the fly. He enjoys anything outdoors and has a special passion for hunting trout. Zach brings to the team a penchant for tapping into the pop cultural aspects of the outdoor recreation world with his witty commentary and observation. His home waters include northwestern New Jersey and the Adirondack forest preserve where his family maintains a summer residence.

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David Boynton

Sales manager, musician and all around handyman Dave Boynton catches big fish throughout New Jersey. At present not a fly fisherman, Dave is our hard water expert. Often times you will find Dave out on a farm pond using a ladder to support his weight as he crosses the thin ice, this method ensures he catches the first fish through the ice of the season. Dave aspires to catch a state record Northern Pike in the Adirondack forest preserve.

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George Kuhn

George is a Captain on a career fire department in Linden, NJ He has an undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland, and earned his MPA from Centenary College in New Jersey. George was fortunate to have spent most of his life enjoying the outdoors fishing in the Catskills and Northwest New Jersey. For the past 19 years he has spent most of his free time continuing his education and studying for his promotional exams. He is now getting back into fishing enabling him to spend quality time with his two son’s Christopher and Brenton.

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Zombo (a/k/a Joe Pluta) brings a multitude of outdoor and life experiences to Moose Knuckle and enjoys fishing (freshwater and salt), hunting (archery and firearm), cooking and gardening.  He grew up in Newton, New Jersey, and now resides in Dauphin, Pennsylvania.  Zombo’s educational experiences include Newton High School and Elizabethtown College, where he earned a BA in English Literature.  Zombo is the CEO of Bee-Barb Outfitters, a position that grew from his passion for the outdoors.

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Nick Mabunay

Nick is an avid Fly Fisherman who pursues a variety of game fish on the fly across North America.  His soon to be home waters of New England will have him pursuing striped bass, landlocked salmon, and of course trout.  He loves sharing the sport with others and he is actively involved with Project Healing Waters, which teaches fly fishing to active and retired military veterans.  He is married to his beautiful wife Jess, who is the sister of MKFF bloggers Dave and Zach Boynton.

Nick MabunayRead Nick’s blog posts

Tiffany Raymond

Award winning taxidermist and owner of Razorback Taxidermy. Growing up in a house of hunters she fell in love with the art of taxidermy and pursued her passion by opening her own business in Wantage, NJ. During the fall she splits her time between the whitetail rut here in Jersey and the yearly salmon run in upstate New York. She enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and most importantly, bringing your trophies back to life with taxidermy

Tiffany Raymond

Sarah Kapitko

A recent graduate of Binghamton University and a soon-to-be student at Syracuse University College of Law, Sarah has yet to convert to fly fishing. Not to worry, though. She holds her own with an open faced spinning reel and keeps up with the distinguished gentlemen of Moose Knuckle Fly Fishing. Being a part of a fishing family, Sarah started at a young age with her grandpa, reeling in baby bass on her hot pink fishing pole. And as she grew, so did her love for fishing. Sarah spends her time calling in favors in order to fish on privately owned ponds, and is determined to catch the New Jersey state record fish in one of them. Her contribution to the team will come into play when her cooking skills can be put to the test with a recipe for shad parmesan. But until then, she’ll just continue to keep the guys on their toes.

Sarah Bio Pic

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For page suggestions, contacts and commentary please email us: mooseknucklefishing@gmail.com

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