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Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

Spring arrived quickly this year; there was no melting snow to supplement the water level of the streams here in New Jersey. That being said, Trout season has been charging hard out of the gate. As I write this, glancing at the weather forecast, we should be receiving a substantial downpour this evening into tomorrow. With luck the low water issue will be rectified quickly.

Accidental Carp

A month ago, Larry Chandler posted a blog titled, “Carp on the Fly.” Whilst pondering that piece, I was stoked on the idea of hooking into a Carp. In an average year, Carp are sought during the warm summer months when other fish are not biting. Friday after work the Moose Knuckle Fishing Crew dropped in at the Black River to rip a few lips. Water at the Kay Pond was a mere trickle. Returning to the point I was throwing the Moose Knuckle Fishing Wooly Buggerwhile slow strip retrieving easily along the mucky bottom. There were stocked Trout nibbling on the Bugger, I simply could not land one. Then along came this juvenile Carp, my first Carp on the Fly.

Carp On The Fly

Smallmouth Bass are Biting

Anticipating the downpour to commence on Saturday I met up with my fishing buddy Chris on the Paulinskill. Again the water was warm and sluggish, we have already addressed the lack of rain issue. Chris and I each pulled up two trout; my two were on a size 12 March Brown Nymph and the Wooly Bugger (fly is so hot right now). The feeding activity was sluggish much more so than last weekend; likely the result weather and low water.

Cute Little Smallmouth Bass

While Trout may not thrive in the current conditions, Smallmouth Bass sure do! During warmer months, the Paulinskill is an exciting Smallmouth fishery. When the Trout hide in the refreshing water of natural springs, Smallmouth veraciously feed. Looking forward to many good days this summer.

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