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Prospecting Big Trout – Small Streams

This is the Part Two installment of MKFF’s Utah Fourth of July adventure; Part Three, Lapping the C, will be available later on in the week, including all of the pictures.

This blog entry is informational in nature; stream locations and identities are disguised to protect the innocent.

Matt and Sam Prospect a Long Run

During the long hot summer, mountain streams remain cool, clear, and filled with beautiful Trout.

First Trout in Utah 2012

Reading the Water

As opposed to large streams and rivers, Trout residing in small mountain streams have less food sources available to them. Fortunately, this makes them especially inclined to eat a Hopper-Dropper combo.  The Trout we were chasing after like to hold in several key locations:

  • Head or Tail of Pools
  • Deep Undercut Banks
  • Long Runs
  • Behind Large Rock Obstructions

What to Throw

There are several combinations that seem to work well on small streams. Small general nymph patterns similar to the Hare’s Ear, Pheasant Tail, and the Gunslinger work very well. I prefer to prospect with a Foam Ant or Hopper, with one of the aforementioned flies as a dropper.

Matt Gets His Skunk Out

Another nice option; is a Woolly Bugger or a small streamer. I used a Coffee and Black Bugger, which I spun up heavily weighted with lead. My small streamer of choice is always the Black Nosed Dace and/or the Mickey Finn.

Now That Is The Fish We Are Here To Catch


A bad day Fly Fishing is better than a good day at work.  Simply being out in the back country is enough to disengage and enjoy the scenery. Throw in a few 18 inch Trout, and Matt, Sam, and I had a great time.

18 Inch German Brown on Hopper Dropper, caught on Pheasant Tail

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Interested in booking a Utah small stream fishing adventure. Check out Beehive Fishing Company for a guided Fly Fishing Adventure on one of many Utah small streams.