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The Moose Knuckle routinely attends fly tying courses with commercial tiers. The patters we learn will be featured from time to time on this blog along with links to the original pattern creators. If the team is traveling around and notices a previously unknown to us pattern we will feature it. Here you will see updates of new patterns, hot flys and all the info you need to land a hog.

Don’t forget your rubbers

A late start to the day, the sun was high in the sky but faded by the clouds. Chris had given up and retreated back to the FJ for a beer. My optimism was peaking as I approached the slight turn in the stream. For the fifth time my strategy was about to change. I’ve always been hesitant to use my Vladi Trzebunia (Vladi worm), but at this point, why not?

Then, as i came upon the corner of the stream, the sun poked its head out from the clouds. Certainly an invitation to cast my line! I shoot my line over the glistening caps, and it tunnels it’s way just under the brush leaning over the stream. The 3 hour drought was over! The first cast with the Vladi worm really helped it earn it’s spot next to my other flies. A beautiful 15 inch brown was perfectly hooked on the other end clearly in love with the Vladi worm.

Though the day was rather slow, I was able to pull in one more trout, proving to be a fairly good day for fish porn. Remember, when viewing fish porn, be sure to bring your pink condoms to help protect you from a drought!