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In 1965 a proposal for the Tocks Island Dam was made before the United States Congress, this project would have created a dam on the Delaware River and flooded the majority of the Flat Brook valley. Fortunately the dam project fell through and all the land acquired was turned into the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. The Big Flat Brook is 15 miles long and originates in High Point State Forest flowing through Stokes State Forest it gathers speed through additional wild trout feeder streams. As the Big Flat Brook crosses under Route 206 it becomes a Fly Fishing only stream; the river widens near Three Bridges Road as the Little Flatbrook joins the Big Flat Brook. The fly fishing only designation continues until the Roy Tract Bridge several miles downstream from here. Moving down the river Sussex County Route 615 parallels the stream which at times can be 50 feet wide providing for large pools and easy access. Finally the brook crosses under the Old Mine road and begins its final rush to the Delaware River. The entire system is heavily stocked by the State of New Jersey with over 30,000 fish and many of the wild trout streams that feed the brook support reproducing populations.

Fly Fishing the Flat Brook

The trout seemed to hate me this day until I came to this back woods section of the Flat Brook. My Adams Parachute and Brown Drake were letting me down for the first time ever so I decided to put on a plain and simple black ant. Never was big into terrestrial flies on big pools, but I figured I might as well try something different. The sun was breaking through the trees now and the mist was just about gone as I entered the stream. The water was still dark and gloomy as I waded my way in. There was only silence to be heard except a little run from the river about a hundred feet in front of me. As I prepare to shoot my line I have an overwhelming sense of excitement come over me, and trust me this was completely unexpected. Just as my black ant hit the water, the fight was on. Out comes my net, in goes the fish. A 14 inch brook trout was the culprit of this wonderful catch. 27 fish later, I snapped this picture of my final trout of the day.